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James Hoffmann's VLCT* - Pre-event checklist Tl;dr, version

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Main pre-event checklist

  1. Set grind size on grinder with any spare beans

  2. Pre-weigh beans into batches - A,B, C, D & E - (12gm for 200ml water in 250 ml cup). This can be done 1 hour to 30 mins prior to event.

  3. Check battery level of weighing scale, charge/replace if necessary

  4. Wash and keep ready 5 main tasting cups plus two spare cups of any size for spoons

  5. Prepare cupping water (one Third Wave sachet into 3.8L of DI/RO/Packaged water)

  6. A pair of cupping spoons / tablespoons

  7. Microfiber cloth

  8. Practise slurping tepid water with your cupping spoon a couple of times

Optional Items

  1. Prufrock Scoring Sheet/Note Pad

  2. Clipboard & pen for scoring sheet

  3. Labels - A,B, C, D & E for cupping cups

  4. Still/Sparkling water for rinsing palette & hydration

  5. Wheat crackers for palette reset between tasting cups


  • Start grinding coffee 30 mins prior to event, and weigh the coffee grinds into the correct cupping cup

  • Test mobile/laptop handsfree audio & video, stay on mute till you want to speak, specially while using electric grinder or whilst banging pots & pans in the kitchen

  • *VLCT = Very Late Coffee Tasting

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