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Directory of Coffee Brewing Gear & Accessories Vendors


Our curated directory of coffee brewing equipment & accessories available in India is divided into three types of vendors: 


Our objective is to make it easy to search for any kind of brewing equipment - from a humble french press to a high end superautomatic espresso machine. From brands loved by home coffee experts around the world. 

[Editor's Note:] We make our best efforts to keep these lists updated. However, due to several factors beyond our control,  such as new brand or product launches, stock unavailbility due to the pandemic or due to recent government crackdown/ban on equipment originating from our unfriendly neighbour China, the listings are a static snapshot of products carried by the vendors at the time we last updated  this list. For latest product catalog information, please visit vendor's website from the links provided below each list.  

1. Specialty Coffee Roaster Resellers 

Specialty Coffee Roasters stock and sell a wide range of simple home coffee brewing equipments , consumables and accessories to support the home brewing of coffees they sell. Only one thing to take note: they keep changing their brand and option line ups very frequently. So if you see something you like, hit the Buy Now button soon - Kal Ho Na Ho!  

Specialty Coffee Resellers

Showcased Roaster-Resellers 



2. Hardware Resellers

Compared to just a few years back, there are several specialised coffee brewing gear retailers in India now. Pure play coffee hardware resellers/dealers mainly cater to the B2B segment in India - e.g., Cafes, Hotels and other institutions. As a result some of their websites may not list all the equipment or be e-commerce friendly at times. But don't lose heart, contact them - most of them are friendly and responsive and should revert in a short time to your purchase requests.  

Hardware Resellers

Showcased Hardware Resellers 


3. Brands (Direct Sales)

When it comes to consumer coffee equipment maker brands, the choices are few and far between. Many of the common names are prominently absent from the Indian market - such as Krups, Nespresso, Breville etc but the good news is that this list is increasing by the day! 

Showcased Brands 


Do you know of a cool coffee brewing equipment brand/ reseller in India not in our list? Do let us know.

Thanks for your feedback!

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