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How can I grind and roast coffee beans at home?

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Roasting coffee is a bit of an art and will take time and patience to learn.

Besides, there are not a lot of green bean retailers currently operating in India. You will need to source & find B2B suppliers for the green beans, maybe even from overseas.

Image: The Ikawa home coffee roaster

There are several home roasting appliance manufacturers and their sizes range from a small mixer to up to say a toaster or a microwave oven. Unfortunately none of them are available in India. We have personally not used any, so we cannot recommend any specific brand or model.

When it comes to coffee grinding though, that is a much more popular option amongst home coffee enthusiasts and is relatively easier to learn. It is the single most important gadget which can have the biggest taste impact on your home brewed cup.

Fortunately there are several good quality coffee grinder options available now in India for it.

[Edit: if you would like to ‘test the waters’ and start small, we would recommend you to consider a simple single dose hand grinder. Stay away from cheap electric blade grinders. They are obnoxious. Always opt for burr grinders. A simple but reasonable quality hand grinder is the Hario Slim, retailed in India by Blue Tokai Roasters and some others]

Image: The Encore by Baratza

The Baratza line of home coffee grinders is also retailed by Blue Tokai Roasters.

The very famous Rocky doserless grinder by Rancilio is retailed by Kaapi Machines.

Both of these brands can be purchased locally in a store or off Amazon India.

To learn more about what grinders and other coffee making accessories to buy in India, do check out our comprehensive Coffee Brewing Gear Recommendations page.

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