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Which is the best coffee machine in India, which includes milk and maybe coffee beans?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The best coffee machine is one which has the best after sales support & service setup in your location.

The machine type “which includes milk and maybe coffee beans” is called a superautomatic or bean to cup espresso machine.

Image: A Jura S8 superautomatic coffee machine

The best & most popular superautomatic espresso machines are made by the Italians - Saeco, Gaggia, and the Swiss company - Jura. All are available in India. Philips group recently acquired both Saeco and Gaggia. They have launched several models with Philips-Saeco cobranding and some models there can do milk too.

If you are keen to learn about different espresso machine types, you can read our post on What features should I look for when buying my own espresso machine?

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