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Are there bad jujus in my cup of coffee?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Disclaimer: Before we plunge into the details, do note that everyone’s physiology is unique to them, just like the fingerprints. The article is based on findings of mass observation. Please do discuss with your family doctor/GP if you think there’s some underlying condition that can be aggrieved your coffee or caffeine consumption.

How much Caffeine in a cup of Coffee?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question. Different style of brews can have different content of caffeine. As per Mayo Clinic, the safe consumption limit for caffeine is set to 400 milligrams per day.

On an average,

- A pourover brew will have 185 mg or more of caffeine depending upon the serving.

- An espresso amounts to 150 mg or more of caffeine in a double shot (60gm)

To know in detail what kind of brew holds how much caffeine, refer to this article.

Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine in coffee does have an impact on various parts of our body. Whether it can be considered positive or negative will vary from person to person and on various other underlying health conditions.

Here’s a photographic representation of the impact of caffeine on human body:

Image credit: click here

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