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Which is the best espresso coffee machine available in India for home use, comparable to cafes?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

At the entry level, we would recommend the simple single boiler, dual use (SBDU) variants from these three professional grade Italian manufacturers.

They are easy to use, ruggedly built and have the largest online user support group communities and spare parts ecosystem.

(All three are officially sold & serviced in India, you will need to look around though):

  1. The Lelit Anna - PL41TEM

2. The Gaggia Classic

3. The Rancilio Silvia

Australian designed, made in China machines from Breville (Sage in UK) are also half decent and cheaper than their Italian home use counterparts, but I hesitate to recommend any model from them, because they need service & support frequently and are also not officially present in India.

Do check out our coffee hardware vendor directory to find out where to buy such machines in India.


a) One will need to spend about equal or more amount on a good quality burr grinder to get cafe like results at home for espresso machines at this price point

b)Getting cafe like results also require a basic level of home barista skills. Those will take time to develop so be a bit patient there and read up as much as you can. Youtube is also a good resource for that.

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