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How to make iced coffee in your mom's kitchen

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Image: Iced Coffee*

2020 is an unusual year for all of us. There are few lucky ones who are in quarantine at home enjoying their cuppa everyday made with their loving Coffee brewing equipment.

A few of us, who came for a quick holiday at mom's place, are far-far away from their precious equipment.

This post is for all of us, who don't want to compromise on Specialty coffee brew, yet don't want to spend on extra coffee equipment.

Enjoy! And do let us know in comment section how was the experience.

NOTE: This method will take a little extra time, so make sure you've 15-20 minutes to spare.


  1. start with 18gm beans (medium roast works best)

  2. wash wipe clean and dry chutney maker to get rid of any food item smells like garlic, onions etc

  3. pour beans and start the grind, keep shaking the chutney maker up and down a few times to tackle half cut beans stuck under the blades till you can visually see a uniform grind

  4. pour the grind on a paper kitchen towel sheet, flatten and spread it out with fingers (use16.5gm beans if paper towel is not available)


  1. put a steel channi over a plastic/melamine cup, or use a ceramic one, the finer the channi the better, use plastic channi as a last resort

  2. pour some hot water through channi to pre-warm your setup

  3. get rid of the hot water

  4. pour grinds into the channi, tap it to level out the the grind, make a slight dimple in centre with finger

  5. take 150ml water just boiled water

  6. pour about 1/3 of it so that grinds are wet and wait 45 seconds

  7. pour rest of water at a steady gentle pace, taking care of not flooding the channi at any time

Final Mix

  1. pour this brew over 100gm of ice in your drinking cup

  2. optional: add sugar syrup, cold milk/cream or honey, more ice cubes as per taste

  3. your 250 ml iced filter coffee is ready!


*Imagebythevelvetbirdis licensed underCC BY 2.0

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