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How to keep coffee fresh like a boss

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In our life, there always comes a time when our cupboards are overflowing with coffee. In those times either we wish we had less coffee, or we knew how to store them in a way so that coffee retains their freshness longer.

After being in same situation and storing our excess coffees successfully for many years, here are some suggestions from STB team, because let's face it - it's not easy to fight coffee greed!!

Let's cover the basics first

Every freshly roasted coffee beans, no matter how different geographically, should follow these basic rules of storage:

- Keep away from direct Sunlight

- Keep away from Moisture

- Keep away from Air

Types of Storage Containers

Sealed Lid Container: These are the most commonly used containers in every household. The sealing is typically done with a rubber or silicone gasket.

These containers keeps items properly sealed from outside air. However, they don't help much with the air trapped inside - which can result in oxidation of beans if purpose is to store beans for longer duration.

Design example - Oxo Good Grips

Lower priced Indian alternatives:

Amazon Brand - Solimo Airtight Container Set with Flip Locks

Milton Jar Set Stainless Steel Air Tight Jar

Air Release valve Container: These kind of containers are slightly pricier than the sealed Lid containers. These containers have a one-way air release valve, that removes all the air inside the container as the lid is pushed down. This is a one way to make sure maximum air is pushed out from the container. The tech is brilliant and simple.

Design Example - The Airscape coffee canister

Where to buy in India:

Airscape Ceramic Coffee and Food Storage Canister

Lower priced Indian alternative:


Vacuum Container: The last and most OCD variant is containers with vacuum pumps built into them, which suck out all the air from within the container and maintain a near vacuum inside.

These containers considerably slows down the oxidation process and helps retain freshness of beans longer.

Design Example - The Fellow Atmos

Where to buy in India:

Fellow Atmos Canister

Edit 13th Jan 2021: We wrote to Fellow support. Here's a crucial piece of information we received from them about the Atmos. Please be mindful of this before making a purchase

"Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry for any confusion, but the Atmos is actually only designed to hold a vacuum for about 3 to 4 days. It's designed to store the beans that you're using throughout the week - it's not designed for long term shelf storage."

Lower priced alternative (Made in EU):

RODAK Vacuum Storage Kitchen Container

Note: The above product requires the purchase of a separate pump

Happy Storing!

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